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We missed everyone yesterday! What did you do yesterday to get in touch with God? What are you doing TODAY and the rest of your week? ...

2 weeks ago

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Martha OllisListened to Moody radio and worked on Next week's Sunday school lesson in Romans.2 weeks ago   ·  2

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NO SUNDAY SERVICE TOMORROW! I repeat, NO CHURCH TOMORROW! This is only the fourth time in 13 years that Pastor has cancelled. Wow. We at Faith Baptist hope you stay safe and warm tomorrow. God bless. ...

2 weeks ago

All Sunday services are cancelled tomorrow due the severe weather. Stay home and stay warm. ...

2 weeks ago

Raise your hand if you know the struggle! Haha. ;) ...

2 weeks ago

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Mark your calendars for February 1st. The youth will be taking over Sunday service. Music, preaching and ushering will all be taken care of by our teens under the direction of Pastor Cory Prosowski. Looking forward to it! ...

1 month ago